We are a small business keen to provide excellence in our bespoke products and services!

At LEMON AND GREY we believe in genuine bespoke services and high quality of our products. By investing the right amount of time in each project, we strive to understand our clients’ expectations…what they like, what they wish, what makes them feel more at home. That’s the starting point of any design consultation.

We love to take our clients on a journey of an array of colours, designs, patterns and textures, whilst we take care of the measures, functionalities and other less charming aspects, so we can advise them in the best way we can.

Interior design specialist services
At SOPHIA we are delighted to start working on your window dressing project over a cup of coffee or tea and biscuits in our wonderful showroom. First we’ll try to understand what would you like to achieve, your needs and desires based on which we’ll advise on fabric selection and propose a bespoke solution each window dressing, including estimates.

What to expect: 

  • One to one personalised complimentary consultation at home or customer’s site;
  • After selecting the fabrics and taking all measures, our consultants will be able to discuss quotes, delivery time and fitting;
  • Place order and confirm approval with 50% deposit;
  • Products delivery and fitting.

LEMON AND GREY offer an exclusive selection of bespoke curtains and blinds, soft furnishing, cushion covers, upholstery and accessories designed to beautify your space and make it truly unique!

Design tells a story!

Let us inspire you choose the right design for your home, so that your home will tell a great story!

We truly believe that each client and project are unique, therefore we strive to offer excellence in bespoke services.

One to one complimentary consultation, available in showroom or at home